Episode 53 – Conscious Coaching w/ Brett Bartholomew

15683045_10209698667875734_1427900145_n.jpgFor episode 53 Brett Bartholomew from Bartholomew Strength comes on the show to talk about his experience working with all ranges of populations from professional athletes to the general population. We touch on a number of topics, most notably Brett’s passion and expertise in precise communication and the development of client-coach rapport and its effect on adherence, motivation, and hence results. Plenty to be taken away and applied for all!

You can find the episode here.

Brett’s recommended resources:

  • Robert Cialdini – Influence
    – Persuasion
  • Neil Strauss – The Game
  • Antonio Damasio – Descartes’ Error
  • Daniel Pink – To Sell Is Human

    Where to find Brett (and resources!):

  • Brett website – Impact of Infuence – webinar
  • Facebook: bartholomewstrength
  • Twitter and Instagram: @coach_brettb
  • Website
  • Book (TBR March 2017): Conscious Coaching

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