Episode 50 – Breaking Muscle & Dogma w/ Mike Israetel and Nick Shaw


Milestone episode 50 comes in with two big names in the industry: Mike Israetel & Nick Shaw from Renaissance Periodization.

What were Mike’s biggest takeaways from his recent cut and bulk phases?

Are there benefits to eating organic? What is organic?

Artificial sweeteners, Muscle building, diet composition, and more!

So much good stuff in this episode!

You can find the episode here.


Episode 49 – Coaching The Elite w/ Darren Burgess


In this short, information packed episode, Darren Burgess comes on the show to talk about his stint as head S&C coach at Liverpool Football Club. In the episode he covers his programming principles, his experience working with top level athletes (Gerard, Suarez, Skrtel, Torres, and more) and how he managed to overcome the dogma of resistance training in football. Plenty to take away from this action packed episode with more to come in the near future!!

You can find the episode here.

Episode 48 – Mastering Nutrition, Training, and Coaching w/ Menno Henselmans


For episode 48 Menno Henselmans, known for his science driven approach to all things training comes on the show to talk programming, effective methods for growing lagging muscle groups, tailoring different dieting strategies to athletes/clients, coaching, continuing ed, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Who Menno follows/ reccomended resources:

  • Borge Fagerli
  • Bret contrereas
  • Alan aragon
  • Brad schoenfeld
  • Greg nuckols
  • Eric Helms

Where to find Menno:




Episode 47 – Letting Loose w/ Lisa Lewis


Lisa Lewis comes on the show to talk about the mindset side of fitness – setting goals, dealing with fluctuations in progress, dealing with clients’ goals, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Recommended resources:

  • Flow –Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • The champions mind
  • The general theory of love
  • Journal of sports and exercise sports psychology
  • Dr Barbara frederickson – positivity

Where to find you:

  • Facebook: Lisa Lewis
  • Instagram: lilew13

Episode 46 – Renaissance Periodization w/ Nick Shaw


Nick Shaw comes onto the Fitinfoclub Podcast to talk about establishing Renaissance Periodization and branding the company, RP’s hiring protocol, their programming, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Show notes:

Instagram: @rpstrength

Facebook: Renaissance Periodization
Nick Shaw
Mike Israetel



Recommended resources:

  • Mike Israetel
  • Dr Jen Case
  • Dr Trevor Fentner – healthy eating book
  • Dr James Hoffman
  • Dr Melissa Davis


Episode 45 – Packing On Pounds w/ Pat Davidson


For episode 45 of the podcast, author of ‘Mass’ Pat Davidson comes on the show to talk about his newest resource, experience in training a wide range of athletes, programming principles, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Recommended resources:

  • Resources
    • Verkoshanksy
    • Mel Syff – Super training
    • Bonderchuk
    • Joel Jamieson
    • Omegawave
    • Postural Restoration Institute
    • Vladamir Yanda
    • Mike Boyle
    • Audible – great courses
    • Bill Hartman
    • Zac Couples
    • Ben House
    • Moshe Feldenkrais

Episode 44 – Make The Best Version w/ Kevin Larrabee


For episode 44 of the podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Larrabee, producer of the most popular fitness podcast on iTunes (The Fitcast).

Kevin and I cover a range of topics, including the CFSC and what’s new in the CFSC level 2, everybody’s role in the fitness industry, helpful resources, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Kevin’s recommended resources:

  • Essentialism – Greg McKeown
  • The Obstacle Is the Way – Ryan Haliday
  • Charisma Myth – Olivia Fox Cabane

Certified Functional Strength Coach:


Episode 43 – Olympic Bodybuilding w/ Christian Thibaudeau


In this episode Christian Thibaudeau – one of the biggest contributors to T-nation – came on the show to talk about his experience in working with bodybuilders, olympic lifters, and everyone in between. We also discussed his best strategies for developing lagging body parts, how the bodybuilding and olympic lifting training can compliment each other, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Recommended resources & People you follow:

  • TNation
  • John Rusin
  • Joel Seedman
  • Charles Poliquin
  • Dave Tate – elitefts
  • Pavel Tsatsouline
  • Dr Scott Stevenson – Fortitude Training
  • John Meadows
  • Vince Geranda
  • Jim Wendler
  • Paul Carter

Episode 42 -MBSC Goes To China w/ Dan McGinley


MBSC strength coach Dan McGinley comes onto the Fitinfoclub podcast to talk about his current experience in Guangzhou, China working with Chinese Olympic-hopefuls. We cover a range of topics including programming, coaching, the challenges involved with communicating with others despite significant language barriers, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Recommended resources:

Where to find Dan:

Episode 41 – Glutes Galore w/ Bret Contreras

14102686_10154118013808423_1646737167500926311_nYou guessed it – for epsiode 41 I got Bret Contreras on to talk shop on Glutes!

In this episode Bret first discusses how he got into the industry (fascinating story!), his phd study, and more!

You can find the episode here.

Bret’s recommended resources:

  • Strength and Conditioning research review
  • Chris Beardsley
  • Andrew Vigotsky
  • Brad Schoenfeld – Hypertrophy
  • Stu Phillips – Hypertrophy
  • Alan Aragon – Nutrition – AARR
  • Greg Nuckols – Powerlifting
  • Eric Helms
  • Menno Henselmans
  • Layne Norton
  • James Krieger